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Grace is a group of creative strategists and strategic creators. We’re physically based in central Stockholm but our minds are over at our clients target audiences, creating communications solutions that work, whether it's a multi-national corporation or semi-state organisation.


About us

Grace is a business to business agency working with the entire communications-chain from strategy and concept to creative production and tactical execution. Together we have more than 100 years of experience within advertising and marketing. We have launched power transformers on the global market, helped dealers around the world sell their heavy machinery, created award-winning annual reports, put the Swedish tourist industry on the map and much more. Regardless of target audience and purpose, we know that successful communication comes from a well-documented analysis, highly creative environment and close cooperation with our clients. .

How do we do it

At Grace we like to do the reflection in advance and understand the target audience in full before we go into the creative phase. When we’ve done our homework properly, it’s much easier for us to push the creative boundaries in the right direction. In this way, we can create carefully prepared communicative solutions that are relevant to the target audience.

Our method
– Collect, Concept, Create och Evaluate (C3E)

We call our working method C3E. It’s a method that ensures quality in every step of the assignment. It’s a part of our quality assurance program. In the ’Collect’ phase we gather and analyze valuable facts about your business, industry and target audience before we go into the ’Concept’ phase of idea generation. After approved sketches, it’s time then to bring the concept into the ’Create’ phase. When the assignment is complete, we’ll meet to follow-up the effect of our efforts (the ’Evaluate’ phase). All the way through the process we work closely with you and will assume you to be a part of our team. With close cooperation, regular feedback and status updates, we can get the best results. 


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